Managed Services

We manage all aspects of the Messaging Events so you can focus on your core business functions.

Employees want to be appreciated.
Sometimes the simplest gestures or words
will go a long way.

Managed Services Overview

  • We manage all aspects of the Messaging Events, including event information, uploading recipient and sender contact information, personalized messaging, scheduling, confirmation and decline validation of recipients

  • Up to 14 Messaging Events available:

    • Company’s Anniversary
    • Employee Appreciation Day
    • Employees’ Birthday
    • Employees’ Work Anniversaries
    • Employment Milestone (5, 10, 15 years etc.)
    • Happy Holidays
    • Happy Hanukkah
    • Happy New Year
    • Happy Thanksgiving
    • Merry Christmas
    • Personal Achievement
    • Project Achievement
    • Welcome to the Company
    • Welcome to the Team
  • Employer chooses a Plan based on participation level (Sapphire, Emerald or Diamond)

  • Dual administrative review covering all chosen Messaging Events to ensure accuracy and timeliness of delivery

  • Excellent solution for companies who prefer to outsource niche functions and use existing resources for your core business

How It Works


Employer chooses an administrator who acts as a confirmation agent


Employer chooses which Messaging Events to participate in


Employer to provide a list of employee data to initiate program: First and last name of employee, delivery method (email or text), cell phone number or email address, date of hire, birthdate, if applicable


7 business days prior to the “event,” Inspiration Nation will send a notification to the employer administrator where they will need to:

  • Confirm the employee event (confirms proceeding with the message)
  • Decline the employee event (no longer with the company)


Inspiration Nation schedules and queues up the Messaging Event for the planned date

Note:  An employer can choose both the Monthly Subscription Plan that allows daily messaging use by team members and also choose the Managed Services Plan for Messaging Events. 

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