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What does the email look like that’s sent out?2021-10-11T07:12:58-05:00

Great question! See an example of the recipient email below.

What does the text message look like that’s sent out?2021-10-12T22:11:13-05:00
Here’s what the recipient receives.
Here’s what the sender receives.
And here’s what the card looks like when you tap the link.
How does the monthly subscription program work?2021-10-13T20:12:39-05:00

Your monthly subscription starts on the day you are provided either an individual user code, corporate code or promoter code from Inspiration Nation. Your code will be entered in the “Discount Code” field during checkout which will waive the messaging cost. If you choose to add-on a digital gift card, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information. Digital cards are not included in your subscription price.

How does the billing work for the monthly subscription services?2021-10-13T20:11:55-05:00

Your next billing will automatically reoccur on the same day of the month as your first purchase. That means, some months you will have 30 days of service, some you will have 31 and in the case of February, well, that is a shorter month altogether!

How do I cancel my monthly subscription?2021-10-13T20:11:20-05:00

Please provide a minimum of 24 hours prior to your next billing date to cancel your service. To cancel, send an email to contact@inspnation.com with a subject line “Cancel Subscription.” Include your name, company name if applicable, and your corporate code. Use of your corporate code will cease at the end of your billing cycle. If your corporate code is used after the start of the new billing date, you will be obligated to pay for another 30 days of service. No exceptions.

Is there a minimum term for the subscription service?2021-10-13T20:13:03-05:00

If you agree to use and pay the monthly Subscription service, you are only obligated for 30 days. There are no additional minimum terms and you can cancel any time after 30 days. No partial refunds will be given.

What is a Messaging Event?2021-10-08T16:44:15-05:00

The easiest way to think of a Messaging Event is any event that reoccurs annually which the company typically sponsors with some sort of recognition or gift.  We provide options for up to 14 Messaging Events.  Most companies celebrate only a few, like employees’ birthdays and their work anniversaries, but there are so many more opportunities to celebrate!  A warm message from the CEO or a Manager, with a wonderful holiday image right before a holiday, will go along way!  See our Messaging Events section for more details.


What is Managed Services?2021-10-08T16:36:07-05:00

Managed Services is exactly what the namesake represents, which is that we manage services for you.  Let us manage your Messaging Events employee recognition program.  Employees appreciate when their employer goes the extra mile.  They want to be appreciated!  Employers that rank high with employee satisfaction are focused on employee recognition programs.  Let us help you create an efficient, fun and unique program.

Do you allow invoicing for services?2021-10-08T17:03:41-05:00

No, we do not.  All orders placed are immediately scheduled in our scheduling system and if digital gift cards were also ordered, live links are assigned, therefore all orders placed require immediate payment.  For orders with multiple entries such as Messaging Events or holiday lists, we will initiate a PayPal payment request for the grand total.  Orders will not be executed without payment.

How do I know my message is going to be delivered?2021-10-12T18:44:01-05:00

For messages sent via text: The sender (you) will receive a text notification when your text is sent out and, even better, we will include a link to the card URL so you can see exactly what is being sent to the recipient!

For messages sent via email:  The sender (you) will receive an email notification when your email is sent out and, even better, we will include a link to the card URL so you can see exactly what is being sent to the recipient!  While we have taken extra special measures to give your message the best chance to arrive in the recipient’s inbox… there’s still the possibility it could land in their spam/junk folder. With each person’s spam filters and security settings being different, we can’t 100% guarantee direct delivery into their inbox.

Gmail: If you send to a Gmail account, please note that your message may go into the “Promotions” tab/category. Be sure to have the recipient check there as well.

Employer Email: If you are sending to an employer email, please make sure the website www.inspirationnation.com are not restricted. If restricted, please have your recipient check their email quarantine log.

To that, simply sending a little teaser email to your recipient to let them know something’s on the way will help. For example: “Keep an eye on your inbox for something special from Inspiration Nation.”

Will I get a confirmation email of my purchase?2021-10-08T15:25:56-05:00

Yes, you will receive an emailed receipt shortly after your purchase.

Why can’t I send more than one card image per purchase?2021-10-08T15:31:23-05:00

Because of the unique feature whereby you can add a personal message, we are currently limited to one per purchase on the website, however we do offer Messaging Events, Managed Services for multiple orders such as sending a message to your entire holiday list.    Email us at contact@inspnation.com and request a Messaging Events spreadsheet to fill out and we will do all the setup for you!

Can I send a message to someone outside the United States?2021-10-12T18:42:37-05:00

No, we are only “live” in the United States. Look for worldly expansion soon! We want to share good vibes with the world.

What phone number does the text messages deliver from?2021-10-08T15:37:40-05:00

When you select “text message” as the delivery method, it will be sent from phone number 831-777-5683.

Technology options provide phone users the ability to block all incoming “unknown” phone numbers.  If you know your recipient blocks unknown numbers, you may want to give them a heads up to add 831-777-5683 (Inspiration Nation) as an approved phone number for prompt delivery.

Can I send an anonymous message?2021-10-08T15:40:51-05:00

No, we require a name to be included with each message.  Inspiration Nation is a warm messaging service where name recognition is important!

I struggle with the personalized message. Do you have suggestions?2021-10-08T15:45:13-05:00

Adding a personalized message is completely optional.  But just know, your personalized message doesn’t have to be long to be appreciated. Sending any message is thoughtful and will be cherished by the recipient. Keep it short and sweet.  For example, for any of the images with Happy Work Anniversary, your personalized message could say “It’s been a great 14 years working with you!  Time flies when you’re having fun.”

Do I have to add a personal message?2020-09-29T16:48:20-05:00

No, we understand that sometimes it’s hard to come up with something additional to say.  You can send just the card image and it will be amazing!

How much does this cost?2021-10-08T15:54:03-05:00

Our primary goal is to encourage a positive work environment so we make it both easy and economical to send messages.  We provide a “Pay on the Go” option for $.99 per email or text message or a “Monthly Subscription” option for $4.99/month for users who want the ability to use frequently at an even more attractive price point.  For corporations, we offer “Monthly Subscriptions” based on employee headcount which provides team members the ability to use a corporate code for colleague to colleague messaging or colleague to client messaging.

We offer an excellent convenient service plus all the unique and fun features for these one-of-a-kind cards that cannot be found in any retail store.

How are you different than other eCards?2021-10-12T18:45:47-05:00

With nearly 35 years of corporate management and sales leadership experience, we understand the needs of corporate business!

  1. Our card images feature one-of-a-kind art expressions that are exclusive to Inspiration Nation.
  2. Senders can add an optional personalized message for extra emphasis of the recognition.
  3. Senders can also add an optional digital gift card for a little something extra!
  4. We have a unique social media sharing option that allows the recipient to share their card image on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (the personalized message stays private.)
  5. Recipients have the option to print a high resolution image using their own printer (employees love to keep and hang recognition images in their office or cubicle.)
  6. Inspiration Nation offers solutions for 14 Messaging Events, like birthdays and work anniversaries, that provide efficiency and consistency to your employee recognition program.
  7. Inspiration Nation provides flexible options that are best for our users, whether single use through Pay as you Go, or multiple use as a single user through Monthly Subscriptions or corporate use through Monthly Subscriptions based on employee headcount.  We’ve got you covered!


Are these images really printable?2020-09-29T16:52:45-05:00

Yes!  The recipient will receive a high resolution JPG image that is printable.  As stated in our Terms of Use, the image will print beautifully from most printers, but we cannot guarantee the quality from your personal printer as settings, printer, and paper quality vary.

What is the printed size of the card?2021-10-08T16:25:34-05:00

Printer settings may vary so you will need to check the default size for your printer.  Our images will print in high resolution as 5″ x 7″ which is the standard card size.  All images have been created in portrait (vertical) format.

What methods of payment do you accept?2020-09-29T16:53:08-05:00

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards and PayPal.

Will you be expanding the type of digital gift cards offered?2021-10-08T16:28:34-05:00

Yes, look for more retailers soon!  Next up, Target & Amazon, in case you’re wondering!

Do you offer physical gift cards with your physical greeting card mailings?2020-09-29T16:56:37-05:00

No, we only offer digital gift cards for the convenience of all parties. We are living in an ever-expanding digital world. How exciting!


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