Sometimes the simplest gestures
or words will go a long way.

That’s why we created a fun and efficient solution for employers to interact with employees, peers, colleagues, customers, and clients in a unique and completely digital way!

Employees want to be appreciated. Sometimes the simplest gestures or words will go a long way.

Mandated Stay at Home and Work from Home environments caused by COVID-19 have created the need for efficient and fun solutions for keeping in touch with employees, peers, colleagues, customers, and clients.

We offer solutions that can be self-administered at a corporate discount rate or we can administer the program for you!

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    Our Referral Bonus Program

    Employees have the inside track on who’s responsible for decisions within companies, whether it’s the CEO of a small company or the Director of Human Resources at a medium or large company. We want to give opportunities to everyday folks to earn some extra cash while also providing an excellent solution to employers to stay connected to their employees.

    Here’s How the Referral Bonus Program Works:

    • Complete the referral form, all fields are required, and submit the referral information.
    • A representative from Inspiration Nation will reach out to the referral name within two business days of receipt.
    • Inspiration Nation will also send an email confirming that your referral initially qualifies for the referral bonus. If the same contact name was referred by multiple people, the referral bonus will only be eligible for the first person who sent it.

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